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ZenyumClear™ Aligners

Our 3D-printed aligners are a safe and simple way to help you get a confident smile. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Send us pictures of your teeth.
  2. Go for a 3D scan at one of our partner clinics.
  3. Review your customised treatment plan created by our labs.
  4. Approve your new smile and start treatment.

You’ll have to wear your aligners for 20–22 hours daily, only removing them while eating, drinking or cleaning them. We’ll send you detailed care instructions with your aligners package, so you know exactly what to do.

Treatment time varies on a case-by-case basis, but smile transformations take an average of 3 - 9 months.

Most wearers start seeing a difference 2–3 months after beginning treatment.

ZenyumClear™ is designed to treat both upper and lower teeth at the same time, because this gives better and more predictable results. If your teeth are crooked on one jaw only, we’ll focus tooth movement on that arch, with just small movements of the teeth of the opposing jaw.

We don’t recommend our treatment for those under the age of 18 as your mouth is still developing at that stage.

We’re dedicated to helping you smile more, so we’ll provide you with additional sets at no extra cost. Note that this will require a rescan of your teeth which costs about RM300 – paid directly to the clinic.

Our treatment combines both professional orthodontic expertise with remote-monitoring technology for an experience that’s both safe and hassle-free. Many other brands offer only a more traditional, lengthier treatment, or a less-safe DIY process.

We also focus only on making aesthetic corrections to your front set of teeth. By narrowing the scope of treatment, we’re able to offer you effective results at much more affordable prices.

Most patients don’t require their wisdom teeth to be extracted unless they’re causing a problem. To find out if you need to remove yours, take our free pre-assessment If you pass, you’ll be invited for an initial consultation, where our dentist partner will examine your teeth and advise you.

ZenyumSonic™ Toothbrush

First things first: A sonic toothbrush isn’t the same as an electric toothbrush! Sonic toothbrushes like ZenyumSonic™ are much more effective than electric toothbrushes, because of two main differences:

  • Brush speed
  • Brush shape

Brush speed:ZenyumSonic™ vibrates at 33,000 times per minute – that’s between 5–10 times as fast as an electric toothbrush! And while we’re talking about good vibes, it’s the brush hairs that vibrate, not the brush head. This combo of speed and multiple vibration points stirs up fluids in your mouth, so hard-to-reach areas are better targeted and you get a more effective clean.

Brush shape: The unique oval shape of the ZenyumSonic™ brush head lets you cover a wider surface area with a single brushing motion. Broader sweep = better clean.

Each ZenyumSonic™ is also fitted with premium DuPont brush heads, which are soft and engineered to be better for your gums.

ZenyumSonic™ has 3 custom modes for all types of dental needs:

Clean: This everyday mode gives you a deep clean that tackles all the hard-to-reach areas.

Gentle: New to ZenyumSonic™ or have sensitive teeth? Use this mode for a more gentle clean.

White: This higher-speed mode has a polishing effect that gets rid of stubborn stains. Use for 30 secs after each Clean or Gentle brush.

Switching between modes is easy – just press the + button!

1 x ergonomically designed toothbrush body
1 x brush head
1 x wireless charging base
1 x USB charging cable

You’ll also get a handy guide to your ZenyumSonic™ and other goodies inside!

ZenyumSonic™ is co-designed with dentists in Singapore and made to our specifications in China.

All orders are dispatched as soon as possible from the moment of payment. Delivery usually takes 7 working days for our customers in Singapore or 14 working days if you’re in Malaysia. We try to fulfill every order as quickly as we can, though in some instances there may be Covid-19 related delays.

To verify your package is on its way, you’ll receive an email from us and a tracking ID from our delivery partner, Ninja Van.

Every ZenyumSonic™ comes with a one-year warranty. Check our Refunds & Exchanges Policy for details on what’s covered and what’s not.

To activate your warranty, download the Zenyum App for iOS or Android and follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for an account using the same email used to make your purchase
  2. Head to the ‘Activate Warranty’ section of the app
  3. Review your order details and slide to activate your warranty
  4. Your warranty is active! You’ll receive an email confirming the details

Of course! Check out our Refunds & Exchanges Policy for all the deets. On top of that, we also have a money-back guarantee if for any reason you’re not happy with your ZenyumSonic™ within the first 30 days – no questions asked.

Dentists recommend changing your brush head frequently to keep your toothbrush clean and your mouth healthy.

Our brush head refill plan lets you choose how often you’d like to switch brush heads (every month, 2 months or 3 months) and get fresh ones delivered to your door. Shipping is totally free and every refill costs $2 less than buying it individually.

Payment? Simple. You get billed with each refill and can cancel anytime after the first refill.

Welcome to the club! Upgrading is easy – just email [email protected] with your request and we’ll activate your subscription.

Need to make changes to your refill frequency or delivery address, or cancel your plan (anytime after your first refill)? Just drop us an email at [email protected] – it’s as painless as brushing your teeth.

Splatter where it matters. Just squeeze toothpaste onto your brush head, then put your ZenyumSonic™ in your mouth before switching it on.

Up to 3 weeks, so you don’t have to worry about constantly charging it.

One glance at the 3 lights on the handle of your ZenyumSonic™ will let you know if it needs charging

When it’s on the charger base:
100% charged: All 3 lights are illuminated
99%-10%: The middle light will flash for 1 second every 10 seconds
Under 10%: All 3 lights will flash constantly

When it’s turned off:
100%-11% charged: No lights on
10%-6%: All 3 lights flash every second for 5 seconds (the brush will turn on)
Under 5%: All 3 lights flash every second for 10 seconds (the brush won’t turn on)

ZenyumBright™ Gel

Unlike many whitening kits, ZenyumBright™ is medical-grade and contains a higher concentration of whitening agent compared to over-the-counter products.

Because it can only be prescribed by certified dentists, every ZenyumBright™ treatment comes with a dental consultation. During the session, your treating dentist will customise a whitening plan for you based on the condition of your teeth and gums.

Improper usage of whitening products can cause irreversible damage to your tooth enamel, which is why health authorities have strict regulations on the strength of the whitening agent allowed in gels. They also control the distribution channels through which whitening products can be distributed according to the concentration. If you’re considering getting a DIY whitening kit online, we recommend checking the composition and legality thoroughly before buying.

We’re proud of the quality of our products! The Bright and Remineralising gels in ZenyumBright™ are both manufactured in the USA, while the customised whitening trays are 3D-printed in Singapore, home to our headquarters

3 x 2ml ZenyumBright™ Gel Pens
1 x 2ml Zenyum Desensitising Pen
1 x Zenyum Customised Whitening Tray Set (upper and lower teeth)
1 x carry case for whitening trays

Nope, the whitening agent in ZenyumBright™ is activated by your saliva – no additional catalyst needed.

PSA: There’s no proven medical evidence on the effectiveness of home-use LED light therapy in any whitening treatment. In-clinic treatments use professional UV light, applied by certified dentists. So don’t mix up the latter with home-use LEDs, which you might come across in online DIY whitening kits.

Your Health

Our aligners are made of medical-grade, BPA- free and latex-free plastic. We make them under the highest quality control standards so they’re completely safe to use.

ZenyumSonic™ is guaranteed to give you a brushing experience you’ll love! If it’s your first time using a sonic toothbrush, try starting with the Gentle mode that’s designed to help you get used to fast vibrations.

ZenyumSonic comes with a White brushing mode that helps polish your teeth and remove stubborn stains. But it’s important to note that you won’t get a professional whitening effect from a toothbrush.

If you’re interested in a super easy, clinic-supervised teeth-whitening treatment that will give you visible results in just 5 days, check out ZenyumBright™ .

Anyone over 5 years of age can use ZenyumSonic™! But as with any toothbrush, parental supervision is advised to make sure your kid brushes their teeth correctly.

For Partners

No, there are no joining fees to be part of our network.

We don’t charge any member fees.

We accept inquiries from all locally certified dentists. Dentists without a strong background in clear aligners are required to go through our training modules, which we provide to our partners at no additional cost.

Zenyum only operates in partnership with local clinics – we don’t have our own locations. To partner with Zenyum you must be practicing at a local clinic with legal approval from the clinic owner.

Just fill out the form below and our partner manager will be in touch with you soon!

Zenyum is headquartered in Singapore and our network spans 7 countries in Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

You’ll be able to track your patient’s progress at any time on the Zenyum App, where patients upload their photos weekly. Our technology and our team expertise reduces patient error and non-compliance for more predictable outcomes.

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