“Safe and sparkling experience. I love it a lot!”

Sarhan Basiron, Technician

Brighter teeth before the week is over.

It takes just 5 days to make your pearlies shine with ZenyumBright™. How? By combining a medical-grade whitening agent with a customised, dentist-prescribed treatment plan.

Super effective, super safe, super fast.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3.


First, we will help you book an appointment with the dentist.


The dentist will do a 3D mouth scan, then explain the treatment process do’s and don’ts.

Brightening kit

Finally, receive your brightening kit and customised treatment plan within 30 days!

Only an hour a day.

In just 5 days, get pearly whites that actually live up to their name. Here’s how:


Uncap your gel pen and twist it to load the brush with whitening gel.


Apply gel evenly to the inner surface of your personalised teeth trays.


Put the tray firmly over your teeth and wipe off any excess gel.


Wear tray for 75 minutes. Then remove and rinse your mouth!

Take your pick.

Get started based on whether you’re a new user or an existing invisible braces wearer. It’s really that simple.

ZenyumBright Gel starter kit


Everything you need to get going if you’re not a current Zenyum Invisible Braces wearer.

  • Pre-treatment dental consultation
  • Personalised teeth trays
  • Medical-grade whitening gel

ZenyumBright Gel refill


Already an invisible braces wearer? Use your existing teeth trays and save!

  • Medical-grade whitening gel
  • Pre-treatment dental consultation (for non-Zenyum Invisible Braces wearers only)
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Your most biting questions, answered.

ZenyumBright™ Gel

Unlike many whitening kits, ZenyumBright is medical-grade and contains a higher concentration of whitening agent compared to over-the-counter products.

Because it can only be prescribed by certified dentists, every ZenyumBright treatment comes with a dental consultation. During the session, your treating dentist will customise a whitening plan for you based on the condition of your teeth and gums.

Improper usage of whitening products can cause irreversible damage to your tooth enamel, which is why health authorities have strict regulations on the strength of the whitening agent allowed in gels. They also control the distribution channels through which whitening products can be distributed according to the concentration. If you’re considering getting a DIY whitening kit online, we recommend checking the composition and legality thoroughly before buying.

We’re proud of the quality of our products! The Bright and Remineralising gels in ZenyumBright are both manufactured in the USA, while the customised whitening trays are 3D-printed in Singapore, home to our headquarters

3 x 2ml ZenyumBright Gel Pens
1 x 2ml Zenyum Desensitising Pen
1 x Zenyum Customised Whitening Tray Set (upper and lower teeth)
1 x carry case for whitening trays

Nope, the whitening agent in ZenyumBright is activated by your saliva – no additional catalyst needed.

PSA: There’s no proven medical evidence on the effectiveness of home-use LED light therapy in any whitening treatment. In-clinic treatments use professional UV light, applied by certified dentists. So don’t mix up the latter with home-use LEDs, which you might come across in online DIY whitening kits.

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